Veneer Bleaching Process

Veneer Bleaching Process

Veneer bleaching has a wide range of uses, mainly for the pretreatment process of science and technology wood manufacturing, deep bleaching, requiring the same whiteness inside and outside veneer.

(1) Bleaching formula

The concentration of hydrogen peroxide is 5%.


(2) Process flow

Paulownia veneer is separated by stainless steel mesh. Put it into the bleaching treatment irrigation, compact it, and pour in the prescription. Close the treatment tank, soak for 5 minutes, then heat to 70 C within 30 minutes, keep constant temperature for 2 hours. Keep the liquid flowing during bleaching. Discharge the residual liquid, wash it once, take it out and dry it.

If varnish, stain, or other finishing material is present on wood surface that is to bebleached, it must be removed completely before bleaching is started. … The woodbleaches may not bleach the dyes or pigments used in wood stains. Many bleachingchemicals are injurious to the skin and eyes.

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