Veneer Composer ,veneer welder and Scarf Jointer

Veneer Welder

Veneer Welder is Hashimoto’s brand of veneer splicer. Over 700 units of Veneer Welder have been supplied all over the world since 1978.

Hashimoto Veneer Welder always pursues the world highest productivity with ;

* The world highest feeding speed Max.(55M/min.),

* Synchronous Drive for veneer overlapping and controlling butt joint pressure,

* Thickness detector and Accurate full range photo sensor,

* Strong splicing with glue threading & butt jointing,

* Reducing down-time by error message indicating system,

* Durable designing.

Hashimoto Veneer Welder can improve your recovery.

Scarf Jointer

Scarf Jointer : SJ

In order to make long grain veneer, scarf jointing is effective for LVL and Plywood.Scarf-jointing enables this by producing long-grain veneers that can be cut to practically any length

Hashimoto Scarf Jointer realizes full-automatic operation for feeding, carrying, cutting, gluing, jointing and stacking.

Also, the great advantages of Hashimoto Scarf Jointer are scarf cutting quality and quick jointing.

Scarf-cutting quality is good, because veneer is pressed and hold by plate so that scarfing edge of veneer becomes straight.

Hotmelt jointing enables quick jointing compared with thermo heating jointing.

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