Veneer Dryer

Veneer dryer is suitable for drying the core veneer with the thickness from 1.0mm to 6.5mm. Core veneer dryer is a fixed, but it is very easy to operated. Only need loading the wood veneer manual and uploading wood veneer manual.

Main Features of Veneer Dryer: 

  • The use of aircraft alloy tank side note,
  • Domestic of the art hydraulic system
  • PLC programmable control system so that it smooth,rapid closure,stable,effective and preloading
  • Hot platen:It is drilled from excellent carbon solid steel and it is high precision, high  strength and durable.It is manufactured on special worktable,so as to keep the hot platen  easy to operate.
  • Heating system:It can be heated by steam bolier,oil heater or electri oil heater.The steam  bolier is low in cost and suitable for common production,yet it is high pressure vessels,so it  should be operated carefully.As to the oil heater,it is adjustable,safe, uniform temperature, energy saving and so on,yet it may cost much than steam bolier.The electric oil heater is  environmental protection instead of using coal or wood as it’s fuel,but it may cost lots of  electric energy
  • Hydraulic system:It is “Triple Filter”and it has excellent oil pump and electric motor.It  uses right-angled one-way valve so that it can work smoothly.The pressure is adjustble.
  • Cylinder:It is worked through excellent CNC precision machine tool.It uses high quality oil  envelop so as to avoid of oil leaking.
  • Control system:Microcomputer ,Manually/Automatic controlled.It can lift the hot platen, close the separation,add the pressure,keep the pressure,keep time, descend the hot platen  and so on.
  • Technical Data of Veneer Dryer

    Model LT/8-15 LT/25-20
    Layers 15 layers 20 layers
    Quantity andDiameter of cylinder 2 unitsΦ80mmtwo-way cylinder 2 units Φ80mm two-way cylinder
    Platen material seamless steel pipe  Seamless steel pipe
    The thickness of pipe  3mm  3mm
    Platen size 2600*1300*30mm   2600×2600*30mm
    No-load closing time about 45s  45s About 45s
    Separation between layers 50mm  50mm
    Heating medium heat conducting oil Oil heater
    The temperatureof heat conducting oil 100-180  100°C-180°C
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