Veneer Drying and Stacking Line Roll Jet Dryer

Roll Jet Dryer

Jet-cross Circulation Type Roll Dryer

The DFN dryer is designed to dry thick veneer with the jet box and the pressing feed rolls. The jet box blows hot air at high speed directly on face and back surface of veneer. The pressing feed rolls (combination of press roll and feed roll) press and feed the veneer to flatten veneer. These synergistic effects ensure large capacity of drying thick veneer. This dryer consists of 2m long heating sections. Each section has one unit each of axial fan and heater. This dryer reduces sticking of wood resin by intake of hot air heated by the dryer. The flow of hot air in the dryer is continuously checked and the air volume is controlled for the best drying efficiency. The detector for veneer overlapping, automatic lubrication device, automatic humidity control system and functional operation panel are equipped. Fire detection sensor and sprinkler system for fire protection are available at customer’s option.

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