Veneer quality control Part 10: How to  Grade the Okoume face Veneer

Veneer quality control Part 10: How to  Grade the Okoume face Veneer

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Okoume veneer grading rules

Okoume face is a kind of veneer processed with Okoume   wood. Okoume face is widely used in rotary cutting veneer because of its strong luster, straight texture, fine structure, uniformity, light weight, soft hardness, low strength, shrinkage, no scarring and other characteristics. In the market, the thickness of Okoume face is generally between 0.1-0.6 mm, and it can also be processed and customized. The thinner the veneer, the better the wood.

Okoume face veneers are generally classified into grade A, B, C,  according to their quality.

The grade is judged by the color of the skin, wood, wormeye, color difference, scarring, small fresh knots, holes and so on.

So veneer, also known as veneer, panel and veneer, is a thin sheet of wood produced by rotary cutting, planing or sawing methods. It is an auxiliary material for the production of other sheets, most of which are provided directly by larger manufacturers.

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