Veneer quality control Part 12: Drying process of okoume  veneer

Drying process of okoume  veneer

After rotary cutting of okoume    veneer, a unified drying process should be carried out. As the name implies, wood drying is to reduce the moisture content of wood and thus reduce the quality, so what other effects are there?

The stability and strength of wood and wood products can be improved by wood drying process. Wood will swell and shrink when exposed to air for a long time, and the uneven swelling and shrinkage of wood will often cause wood cracking and deformation, affect the use and cause waste.

If wet wood or dry wood is used to make products, it seems good when they are just finished, but after a period of time, with the drying of wood, there will be door frame skew, floor warping, tenon loosening or board surface cracking and other phenomena, causing great losses.

At the same time, the dried wood, such as okoume    core veneer products, can improve the cutting conditions, enhance the strength of wood structural parts, bonding strength and the surface decoration quality of wood products. At the same time, the degrading and decay of wood can also be prevented by wood drying process.

If wet wood is stacked in open air for a long time, decay or insect pests often occur if proper measures are not taken. When the moisture content of wood is lower than 20%, the damage of fungi and pests can be greatly reduced. Therefore, generally in the production unit, the wood is dried to about 8-15% moisture content. This not only ensures the inherent properties and strength of wood, but also improves the corrosion resistance of wood.

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