Veneer quality control Part 5: Storage requirements for pine veneers

Veneer quality control Part 5: Storage requirements for pine veneers

because of the USA antidumping ,pine is more popular than before ,it is a softwood ,such as hoop pine 南洋杉,radiata pine辐射松,樟子松等。

The pine face veneer  , which is a thin sheet of the pine . China Pine wood has always been an important timber for plywood and furniture production, but the growth of pine wood is slow. With the decrease of pine resources, pine furniture is increasing day by day, so pine veneer has become a good choice for furniture manufacturers. Pine veneer not only saves cost but also saves wood resources. It can not only make furniture, but also be used for decoration. Pine veneers need to be aired and dehumidified at high temperature after rotary cutting to prevent moisture and mildew on the skin. In addition, in order to ensure the quality of pine veneer, it also needs reasonable storage. Next let’s look at the storage requirements for pine veneers:

Pine veneers should be protected from fire and moisture when they are stored, so ventilation and shade are very important.

Pine veneer should be laid on flat ground to avoid surface deformation caused by uneven ground. At the same time, mattress should be used at the bottom to prevent moisture.

Pine veneers should be placed neatly, and stacking height should not be too high to avoid collapse. Over-high stacking will also cause air non-circulation, easy to damp, paste.

Pine veneers should be stacked separately according to grade, color and thickness for easy use.

Pine veneer storage should be classified first, and then placed in accordance with specifications, commonly used in the first, not commonly used in the second, follow the first-in-first-out principle.

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