Veneer quality control Part 7: How  selecting okoume and pencil cedar face

Veneer quality control Part 7: How  selecting okoume and pencil cedar face

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In the current hotter home decoration industry, the plate is always concerned by consumers. okoume and pencil cedar  face has been popular in the market because of its own characteristics. So what details should be paid attention to in the purchase? Here’s a look.

High quality products can not be separated from good raw materials, we need to understand the quality of raw materials used by manufacturers when buying. At the same time, it is necessary to identify the quality of the product itself. After the surface treatment of the product with good quality, it appears very smooth and distinct, while the product with poor quality feels rough, and is prone to scars and other problems. Because the manufacturer’s manufacturing process is different, it will also affect the product quality to a certain extent. We need to observe the strength of the manufacturer.

We must not be covetous of small price when buying okoume and pencil cedar  face. Although the price is cheaper, we should pay more attention to the product quality and performance. The above is about the product selection skills, hope to help you, if there are some questions, you can call us for contact.

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