Veneer quality control Part 8: cooking technology for  okoume   face veneer

Veneer quality control Part 8: cooking technology for  okoume   face veneer

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Okoume plywood can often appear in our life, often used in the field of furniture customization. In order to ensure the performance and quality of products, manufacturers usually use cooking technology to process when making, so what is the specific role? Now let’s get to know.

We are familiar with rotary cutting, drying, cooking and other processes, in which cooking process is an indispensable part of the production process, mainly to help improve the wood properties of materials, because when we choose products, we often attach great importance to the plasticity of products, and the main way to improve plasticity is to increase the inherent temperature and moisture content of raw materials. Cooking is aimed at these two points. In addition, cooking for the face veneer can also eliminate the oil pollution carried by the wood itself to a certain extent, so as to produce high-quality products.

In addition, cooking the  okoume      surface can also effectively eliminate insect eggs, which can ensure that the product is safer in the subsequent processing and use.

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