Veneer quality control Part 8: Moisture Content of   okoume face veneer

Moisture Content of   okoume   face veneer

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okoume  face is often used in plywood and furniture veneer. The current hot panel products also make the recent development more and more fierce. There are many manufacturers engaged in this industry. There will be some differences in product performance. Among them, it will seriously affect the product performance, which will be subject to moisture. Because it is a wood product, it can not be separated from the characteristics of wood itself, if it is not handled. Well, it will affect the subsequent processing and use, so we should pay more attention to this aspect.

At present, the processing technology is gradually improved, and the production line tends to be automated. During the production process, some moisture in the product will be well controlled. In order to ensure the performance of products delivered to customers, we need to make more efforts to the storage environment, try to control the environment to a certain extent, keep dry and reduce the damage of moisture to products.

The above is about the   okoume face veneer  in storage need to pay more attention to the problem, hope to help you, if there are still some do not understand, you can also contact us.

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