Veneer Slicing Machine

Veneer slicing machine mainly clip the wood veneer. which is used in veneer peeling line and to cut the long wood veneer.

Main Features of Veneer Slicing Machine: 

  1. Veneer Slicing Machine contains four parts: veneer feeding system, clip part, veneer output system and electric control system.
  2. Veneer lenght is controlled by input length on the screen.
  3. Feeding system and clipping system have CNC controll system. This two parts is synchronous. So to ensure the veneer size accurate.
  4. It has three knives.
  5. The glue roller is very big. So the service life of it is very long.
  6. Technical Data of Veneer slicing Machine

    MODEL LT26 LT20 LT13
    Max.working width(mm) 2650 2000 1450
    Blade length (mm) 2700 2150 1500
    Feed speed (m/min) 100 100 100
    Blade number(pcs) 3 3 3
    Feed Motor(kw) 3.7 3.7 3.7
    Cutting Motor power(kw) 7.5 7.5 7.5
    Overall dimensions (mm) 5950×3860×1740 3260×2460×1690 5950×2660×1680
    Weigth(kg) 3500 3200 3000
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