Vietnam Birch and Fancy Plywood SOURCING and QC Job opportunity

Vietnam Birch and Fancy Plywood SOURCING and QC Job opportunity

Plywood Quality Inspection Supervisor – Job Description

1. Familiar with plywood production, with more than 3 years of relevant management experience in plywood or multi-layer solid wood floor bonding, core cutting section, and strong on-site management and compression resistance;

2. Strong sense of responsibility, high execution ability and team cooperation ability, good at planning and overall arrangement, production targets issued by the company can make reasonable production plans and meet the target on time;

3. Have experience in fire control and safety production management, and have rich experience in personnel management and training for front-line production staff.

4. Qualified candidates will receive an annual salary of between 60,000 and 80,000 yuan.

5. Mainly inspect export plate, need to go to plywood factory to inspect quality and quantity, and pack and deliver goods.

6. Have a strong sense of responsibility and ambition.

7. 2-3 years working experience in the board industry, familiar with plywood, building formwork quality requirements.

8. Age between 25 and 30.

Please send emails to to apply the job .


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