Vietnam Hanoi and Ho Chi Gelatin Plywood Factory Production Manufacturer


Vietnam Hanoi and Ho Chi Gelatin Plywood Factory Production Manufacturer

Job description:

1. College degree or above, more than 5 years experience in plywood production and management;

2. Be good at formulating production strategy plan and familiar with plywood machinery and equipment;

3. Proficiency in plywood production process;

4. Proficiency in plywood manufacturing process, cost control and quality standards;

5. Proficient in birch and fancy plywood production site management, equipment maintenance management, 5S management.

6. Men under 45 are preferred.

7.Vietnamese, English and Chinese are preferred

The factory is located in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi Economic Development Zone, mainly engaged in the production and sale of high-end structural plywood, covering an area of 50 mu.

Responsibilities: 1. Under the leadership of the General Manager, fully responsible for the production and operation of the company; 2. Closely cooperate with the marketing department to ensure the implementation of the contract; 3. Responsible for designing the transformation plan of the factory, designing the product layout and process coordination of the factory; 4. Organizing the formulation, inspection, supervision, control and implementation of production, equipment, safety, environmental protection and other systems; 5. Responsible for grasping the good health. Production safety education, strict implementation of safety laws and regulations, production operation rules; 6. Strengthen management, ensure the responsibilities of various departments and personnel, standardize authority, and establish quality management system; 7. Supervise the daily production activities of various departments in the factory, hold regular meetings, find problems, analyze causes, take effective measures to ensure the normal operation of production line; Analysis of reports and periodic statistical analysis of production; Requirements: work conscientiously and responsibly, treat people sincerely, thinking agile; more than three years of relevant work experience;

Please send emails to to apply the job .

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