VIETNAM PLYWOOD Inspectors (QC) and Graders

VIETNAM PLYWOOD Inspectors (QC) and Graders


Since 2017, in Vietnam market, more and more local Vietnamese have joined the Vietnamese plywood quality control teams, procurement, production, processing and sales, all of which are rooted in the anti-dumping policy of the United States to China.


Quality inspection or quality assurance of plywood, especially quality inspection skills and experience, is not achieved overnight, not mastered overnight, especially by professional quality inspectors.


Therefore, now in Vietnam, more and more Vietnamese people have joined the training and experience of this industry. Of course, the quality of the plywood such as birch ,maple and UV and HPL okoume  they inspected is still unchanged sent to the United States, because they do not know the quality standards, or can not distinguish the natural defects and processing defects of plywood. Even if they know, they do not have a standard to determine whether the plywood is qualified or downgraded.


Of course, with the increase of quality control teams from China to work in Vietnam, more and more Chinese factories are investing constantly, more and more Vietnamese have more opportunities to learn and practice, and more American companies tend to let Vietnamese quality inspectors and Chinese quality inspectors work together in order to learn from each other. Therefore, since 2018, especially at the end of 2918, many Vietnamese local quality inspection and procurement teams have emerged. They have learned basic quality inspection standards and experience from the work of Chinese procurement and quality inspection personnel, so that they can work independently.


Whatever the purpose, in a word, if the teacher teaches the apprentices, the possibility of the teacher’s work being replaced will increase. However, work is work, in order to better work, regardless of national boundaries, regardless of nationality, good solidarity with colleagues in various countries, so that customers’sales more comfortable.


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