Vietnam UV prefinished Birch Drawer Sides Plywood Inspection

Vietnam UV prefinished Birch Drawer Sides Plywood Inspection

Vietnam now have more UV plywood production lines , but quality are different , Some good UV plywood production lines also started to install the Cabient drawer sides ,actually when I visited vietnam in  Ho Chi Minh, a lot of kitchen cabinets manufacturers imported good poplar and birch plywood from China before the chinese hardwood plywood antidumping ,a lot of them have very modern drawer sides production lines . UV Prefinished plywood drawersides are coated on both sides with  low VOC UV clear coat. This tough topcoat resists scratching and saves material and labor costs associated with in-house finishing. The unfinished drawersides are fine sanded ,preferred finish and stain.

When make the inspection :

  1. Widths: From 2” to 12″ widths

2.Thickness: 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, and 18mm

3.Lengths: 5’ and 8′ or precision trimmed on request

4.Tchikness tolerance: + 0.3mm,

5.Dado: Cut to customer specifications or other types of joints

6.Grades: B/C, C/D

7.Glue Types : EPA Certified E0 glue only ,WBP Glue ,Melamine Glue

8.UV 1 side or 2 sides

9.UV sheen

10.UV paint and brand names and chemicals testing

11.Edge banding with wood veneer or PVC

12.Surface and edges natural defects and manufacturing defects

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