Vietnam (Vietnamese)UV Birch plywood Inspection and QC

Vietnam (Vietnamese)UV Birch plywood Inspection and QC

In vietnam ,mostly are hardwood species such as eucalyptus (the same like Guangxi china species ), Keruing ,vietnam local hardwood species ,ACACIA CORE VENEER styrax , so the density is very big ,hard to sand smoothly  .

Eucalyptus wood fibre is thick, unlike China’s poplar wood fibre is so delicate, so, after   birch veneer lamination, the surface can still see some rough feeling.

If UV is applied, the rough vision will be further magnified, showing more processing defects like a magnifying glass.

So ,when inspect the UV birch plywood in vietnam ,Feeling and touching the surface of the UV panel by hand can not be unequal, even serious vision is not allowed.

Othe UV plywood defects are same like UV regular birch plywood in China .

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