Vietnamese plywood prices

Vietnamese plywood prices range from $335 to $420 per cubic meter, for example, 18 mm D/E grade birch plywood. It shows that Vietnam plywood market is immature.

In a short period of time, this phenomenon will give customers who purchase plywood from Vietnam a very bad illusion. According to their purchasing mode in China, it is OK to choose a medium price, or a lower price. As long as we choose a factory specializing in making birch plywood, the quality of plywood will not have much quality problem in general. But in Vietnam, the quality of plywood varies greatly and the level of plywood is very clear.

What I said above is the price and quality of last year.

Since the first half of this year, Vietnam’s quality gap has been significantly improved. After more than a year of customer and market integration and improvement, the price gap is still maintained, but the quality gap has been steadily narrowed. Now, if the price is above $375 FOB, the quality is basically OK. The average price is between 375 and 390 and the quality is acceptable.

If the price is less than $375, the customer needs to carefully inspect the factory and confirm the quality of the products provided on site.

If the price is higher than $410, need customers to think carefully about whether they are real factories or trading companies? In other words, the quality of the factory is general, The high selling price is not due to the high production cost, but may be more orders or full of Purchase orders in a short time, so they deliberately raise the price. I saw similar factories in Vietnam in June. It is also possible that the raw materials and production processes they use are very good, so the price is very high, that is to say, the quality of plywood customized by customers.

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