Vietnam’s exports of forest products can reach 11 billion US dollars

Vietnam’s exports of forest products can reach 11 billion US dollars

Ruan Guoqing, chairman of the Wood Processing and Crafts Association (HAWA) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, said that in the first August of this year, Vietnam’s export of forest products reached 7.08 billion US dollars, an 18.6% increase over the previous year, accounting for 26.6% of the total export of the agricultural industry. The export volume of timber and wood products is about 6.66 billion US dollars. With this growth momentum, by the end of this year, the timber industry will be able to achieve the annual export volume of forest products of 11 billion US dollars, an increase of 1.7 billion US dollars over the same period of last year.

Speaking at the opening ceremonies of the 13th Vietnam International Wood and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition (Vietnam 2019) and Furnitec 2019 held by Saigon Convention and Exhibition Center on the morning of 18 Nguyen Guoqing, Vietnam, said that Vietnam’s timber processing industry has received special attention and assistance from the State Administration and timber enterprises. However, in the context of the increasing demand for product quality and value in the market, in order to build Vietnam into a world wood processing and manufacturing center, with export volume reaching 20 billion US dollars by 2025, enterprises need to formulate specific and efficient strategies. One of the keys to solving the current challenges is to apply science and technology to production and processing, so as to improve product quality, reduce the dependence on labor force, and quickly meet customer requirements.

The 13th Vietnam International Wood Industry and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition and the 2019 Vietnam Furniture Parts Exhibition attracted the first-class wood processing and woodworking machinery brands from the United States, Germany, Austria, Thailand and Malaysia to participate. This is Vietnam’s wood production and processing enterprises to learn from experience and update industry-related information. And technology, so as to expand production thinking and put forward an important platform for appropriate technology investment strategy. The two exhibitions are also a good opportunity for Vietnam to strengthen cooperation with international enterprises, promote trade promotion and contribute to the overall development of the timber processing industry.

Judy Wang, representatives of the organizing committees of the two exhibitions, said that up to now, Vietnam International Wood Industry and woodworking machinery exhibition has become the largest wood industry and woodworking machinery exhibition in Vietnam. Vietnam Wood’s exhibition area reached 25,000 square meters in 2009, 40% more than the previous exhibition, setting a new record and attracting 500 units from 32 countries and regions around the world. During the two exhibitions, the Organizing Committee also held a number of related seminars to attract many experts from outside Vietnam to participate and share their experiences in wood production and processing. The exhibition ended on September 21.

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