Visit the high-grade Eucalyptus plywood factory in Guangxi

Visit the high-grade Eucalyptus plywood factory in Guangxi 2019

Visit Guangxi plywood – “let the world fall in love with made in China”

Guangxi plywood attaches great importance to management innovation, science and technology innovation, and talent innovation. It is the most high-grade Eucalyptus plywood industry in China with multi-layer wood-based panel technology. Many wood-based panel multi-layer board was founded around 2005, which is an international multi-layer board enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service.

Recently, our company went to Guangxi to visit, inspect, exchange and study plywood production and manufacturing under the arrangement of professional teachers of plywood inspection network. Through on-the-spot visit to Guangxi plywood production and manufacturing exchange and learning, in-depth understanding of Guangxi corporate culture and development process as well as Guangxi series of products, experience Guangxi’s achievements in product innovation and scientific and technological innovation.

Visit Guangxi plywood — visit Guangxi Cultural Exhibition Hall and product exhibition center

Guangxi plywood commentator Miss sister carefully introduced the details of Guangxi enterprise park for us. “Guangxi plywood park includes a series of functional areas such as production, office and life, and is committed to providing employees with the best working and living environment. Then, the announcer introduced Guangxi plywood for you. From enterprise profile, industrial planning, marketing innovation, management innovation, scientific and technological innovation to 10 “international leading technologies”.

Visit to the production workshop of high grade Eucalyptus plywood benchmarking in Guangxi

Under the guidance of Guangxi enterprise commentator, they entered the production workshop of high-grade Eucalyptus plywood. See the plywood production process, the results of the development of technology. One by one, the project is strictly controlled, and finally perfectly presented in front of us. In the production workshop of high-grade Eucalyptus plywood, the supply chain over the workshop is slowly moving forward, and all kinds of machines on the ground are constantly working. The workers observe the robot and operate the computer skillfully, and are immediately shocked by the scene in front of them.

Visit Guangxi plywood — exchange and share with senior managers of Guangxi high grade Eucalyptus plywood factory

Guangxi marketing and quality control

● Guangxi quality control and channel marketing strategy

● Guangxi internal control and personnel incentive model

● sharing of unique corporate culture in Guangxi

Visit to plywood in Guangxi — visit to Guangxi — visit and study activities of many plywood multilayer boards in Guangxi

We have visited many exhibition halls, high-grade Eucalyptus plywood factory workshops and key laboratories. From a big country to a strong one, the development of real economy is very important, and we can’t get rid of the reality and the emptiness at any time. Manufacturing industry is a key to the real economy. The core of manufacturing industry is innovation, which means mastering key core technology. We must strive for it by self-reliance and independent innovation. We hope that all enterprises will strive in this direction.

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