Visit to Vietnam for Plywood Foreign Trade – Initial Investigation

Visit to Vietnam for Plywood Foreign Trade – Initial Investigation

(Due to the adjustment of travel arrangements, there are still two hours to complete the preliminary investigation. It can be found that there are many business opportunities in Southeast Asia. In the eyes of foreign traders, every link is information.)

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In 2017, the owner of China’s plywood factories basically completed the investment in Vietnam and laid the foundation for the early production facilities.

Due to the support of old customers and the search for new customers, many Chinese plywood enterprises actively and steadily produce, improve quality and expand production. At the end of 2017, I stayed in Vietnam for two weeks, and found that supply chain enterprises supporting plywood production also came, such as glue manufacturing, leather, veneer rotary cutting, production equipment accessories, maintenance services, etc. But according to what we know, there is no way to achieve the integrity of China’s supply chain and no way to compete with China’s plywood enterprises without a period of one to three years.

Because Vietnam’s local factories do not have the technical and financial strength of Chinese bosses and supply chain support, customer support, many Vietnamese local factories are in a dilemma, lack of guidance for birch plywood production technology, lack of awareness of grade and quality requirements, and lack of customers. Due to the instability of product quality, many Vietnamese local factories are unable to retain American plywood customers. This also increases the competitiveness of plywood factories invested by China.

Another prominent problem is the packing problem. Many Vietnamese local enterprises have not loaded plywood. When customers receive plywood, the packaging is seriously damaged and the plywood is seriously damaged. The main equipment needed for packing is not available, such as turning machine, forklift truck and so on.

There is also the production of birch plywood required means of production is completely incompatible, such as concealer, Vietnam does not have at all, which is also invented by Chinese enterprises, in order to avoid skin penetration. Therefore, some Chinese who do quality inspection or procurement in Vietnam begin to use their own advantages to import these production accessories from China, and some even build warehouses in Vietnam.

As Vietnam’s plywood enterprises are not like those in China, they are all mass-produced. There are thousands of supporting enterprises in a town. In Vietnam, each plywood factory is scattered in every corner of Vietnam, most of which are in Hanoi, but they are far apart, tens of kilometers and hundreds of kilometers away. It is difficult to support each other. Especially when the equipment is broken, it is difficult to find a maintenance worker. Once the production stops, it will be several days. Buy an accessory from home.

You can imagine how torturing it was when Vietnam was a factory just now.

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