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Wanhua orders two more production lines ( straw-based Fine OSB and MDF ) from Dieffenbacher

Wanhua orders two more production lines from Dieffenbacher

10 December 2021


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Chinese wood and straw-based panel manufacturer Wanhua Ecoboard has ordered two more lines from Dieffenbacher that will enable it to begin producing straw-based Supermechanical Strength Particleboard (Super PB) in 2023.

Wanhua has now ordered 10 production lines from Dieffenbacher in six years.

Wanhua Ecoboard, the panel division of Chinese MDI glue producer Wanhua Industrial Group, will install its new lines in Chenzhou, Hunan and Leshan, Sichuan.

Delivery of the Dieffenbacher equipment is scheduled to start in September 2022 for line nine and in October 2022 for line 10. Start-up of both lines is planned for the second quarter of 2023.

Once the new plants are in operation, Wanhua will reach a production capacity of more than 2.5 million cubic meters per year with its 10 Dieffenbacher lines.

The production process of Super PB mixes standard core-layer flakes with slender, long core-layer flakes, enabling a board density up to 30 kg/m³ lower than usual, which leads to substantial savings in raw materials such as straw, wood and resin, as well as electrical and thermal energy.

The companies’ relationship began in 2015 when Wanhua Ecoboard ordered its first straw-based particleboard plant. Following five additional straw-based particleboard lines, Wanhua expanded its product range to straw-based Fine OSB and MDF by 2020.

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