Water-resistant plywood INSPECTION,quality control,testing and Sourcing

Water-resistant plywood is jointed with phenol-formaldehyde glue. It is specially covered on both sides by phenolic foil and its edges are painted with protective water- esistant coating.

Boards with smooth foil are mainly used in the building industry in the production of building elements. This type of material can be mainly used in production of containers, railway carriages, poster surfaces and agriculture constructions.


FORM – both surfaces are smooth
RING/WIRE MESH – one surface with antislip finish


min 5%, max 12% (at the time of delivery)


Surface is covered with phenol foil of 150 g/m2, or according to customer request. Edges of the boards and their cut-to size elements must be treated with the water resistant painting, preferably with the two-component lacquer.

Rough average values of physical and mechanical properties:

Thickness (mm) Numbers of veneers Surface
density (kg/m^(2))
Bending strenght
(grain flow of cover veneer)
lenghtwise cross
9 5x/7x 6,3 750 ± 0,6 60
10 7x 7,3 730
12 7x/9x 8,2 683
15 9x/11x 10,5 700 ± 1,0
18 11x/13x 11,4 633
21 13x/15x 13,6 648 ± 1,4
25 15x/17x 15,3 612 ± 1,5
27 17x/19x 15,3 612


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