What are the classifications of particleboard

What are the classifications of particleboard?

Particleboard is also called bagasse board, which is made of wood or other lignocellulose materials. After applying adhesives, it is adhesively synthesized under the action of heat and pressure. It is also called particleboard. Mainly used in furniture manufacturing and construction industry, train and car manufacturing.

According to the use: Class A particleboard; Class B Particleboard

According to the structure of particleboard: single-layer particleboard; three-layer particleboard; gradual structure particleboard; directional particleboard; waffle particleboard; moulded particleboard.

According to the manufacturing method, it can be divided into flat pressing particleboard and extruded particleboard. According to the raw materials used: wood particleboard; bagasse particleboard; flax particleboard; cotton stalk particleboard; bamboo particleboard; cement particleboard; gypsum particleboard.

Because the particleboard structure is more uniform and processing performance is good, it can be processed into large-scale board according to need, which is a better raw material for making furniture of different specifications and styles. The finished particleboard does not need to be dried again. It can be used directly and has good sound absorption and insulation performance. But it also has its inherent shortcomings, because the edge is rough and easy to absorb moisture, so the furniture edge sealing technology made of particleboard is particularly important. In addition, due to the high density of particleboard, furniture made with it is also heavier than other sheets.

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