What are the effective ways to deal with customer claims

What are the effective ways to deal with customer claims?


As quality inspectors, there is no way to fully guarantee the quality of products 100% qualified, especially in labor-intensive industries .


The problem of quality claim is put forward. First of all, we should actively face the quality problems raised by customers, find out the reasons, actively coordinate the claim amount of quality inspection between customers and suppliers, and try our best to find out the solution to satisfy both customers and suppliers.


For the long-term interests of customers, we should stand in a fair and just position, collect effective evidence, timely response to customer quality questions, answer factory questions. Be impartial and try to maintain the business relationship between customers and suppliers.


At the same time, as quality inspectors, they should undertake corresponding quality assurance responsibilities.

For reference only:

In the face of customers’claims, the most important thing is to keep a steady mind, and never get into trouble!

1. First of all, verify whether the customer’s statement is true and pay attention to collecting evidence such as photos ,videos ,test reports ,or can go to visit the customers if quantity is big .

Many salesmen, after receiving customers’claim email, grab the phone and criticize the factory without considering anything. It’s really a mindless act!

99% of the factories will say it is impossible, our quality / packaging has always been very attentive, never complained by customers, absolutely impossible to have problems. You can’t argue a hundred words.

At this time, first of all, do not tell the factories about the claims, first contact customers, ask for photos and other related materials.

2. After obtaining the actual evidence, contact the factory, inform the situation, and ask to find out the reason as soon as possible.

Calling factories or writing e-mails must be carefully considered in advance and how to communicate.

For example, customers claimed $1,500 for product quality problems, and customers sent many photos. Then  think  about it,  called the factory first if the photos are ture and real .

“General Wang, the last batch of cargo customers complained about quality problems, many cargo has been delaminated in large areas. Customers are required to claim 20% of the value of the goods (US$2000,). Customers said they would take photos and send them back later. What do you think about it?

“When you receive the photos, send them to me and show them to me. I’ll tell you again.”

Then a few hours later, write an email to the factory, attach photos sent by customers, and paste the original customer’s claim .

At the end of the email, the factory is required to cooperate with the investigation and reply to the customer immediately.

After receiving the mail, General Wang of the factory immediately arranged the relevant personnel to investigate the production records, investigate the workers responsible for the production on that day, and find out the reasons after the purchase records of raw materials:、

The raw materials purchased in the last batch were replaced by a supplier, and the quality was not as good as before. Quality control issues.

After factories tell the reasons truthfully, and said that the amount of customer compensation is too high, trouble to explain the situation with customers as far as possible.

3. Respond to customer’s claim email carefully, express apology, explain the reasons, give solutions, and strive to reduce the compensation.

Think about it and answer customer emails seriously.

First of all, I’m very sorry. Second, I would like to explain that the reason is that our supplier of raw materials changed the new machine in the first two months. Because the running-in period of the new machine has not passed, the plywood produced is not very stable.

In view of this quality problem, the company attaches great importance to holding a special meeting, and all the production-related responsible persons are involved in reviewing the shortcomings of the work.

Finally, the solution is put forward: the new machine is no longer put into production immediately, the company sent special technicians to debug and run-in, after the run-in period, and then put into formal production.

In terms of the amount claimed, we have lost too much. The profit of the product is very thin, so we urge customers to consider long-term cooperation, which can reduce some indemnities appropriately, without affecting the future cooperation.

Customers respond to emails, and he hopes that this incident will not affect the partnership. But his boss said he had to pay at least $1,200.

4. Actively communicate with factories, show efforts and communicate with customers to reduce indemnities

I called General Wang of the factory to inform him that the situation had been explained to the customers, but the attitude of the customers was very strong. Make sure you claim $500.

In this way, you don’t have to worry about it. I’ll talk to my clients in the next two days, hoping to have some room to turn around. Wang said gratefully, please!

5. Acknowledging that the responsibility lies with us, we will arrange and reply as soon as possible.

I reply to customers, thanks for understanding and trust! The responsibility really lies with us. We are actively investigating and must give an answer as soon as possible.

Note: Here are some salesmen who will negotiate with customers and deduct the indemnity from the next order. I’ve talked to some clients about this, but many of them don’t quite understand the attitude that a problem needs to be solved later.

Many of my clients responded that they couldn’t accept it, and more of them said:

Don’t make things complex ! You should show the respect and sincerity in this order, NOT FUTURE ORDER !

6. Surprise the factory

Two days later, I called Mr. Wang again, and his tone was pleasant. (When you talk on the phone, even if you laugh, the other party can feel it.)

“Mr. Wang, I have been calling the client’s boss every two days, saying good words and pleading with him. The client’s tone has softened a little. The client’s company’s boss said that he would like to continue to cooperate in the future and agreed to reduce the amount of the claim by a little, 500 dollars.”

“Great! This lesson is too big, we must pay attention to the quality control in the future, and there will never be such a problem again! ”

Thank you for your understanding. I know you’ve lost a lot this time, but there’s something wrong with the quality, and I can’t help it. Wrong is wrong, many times I can not bargain with customers, excuses, customers may be very disgusted not to cooperate with us! ”

“Well, yes. That’s it. This time we should pay for a lesson. Thank you so much!”

“Yes, nobody wants to have such a problem. I will keep you informed of any new developments! ”

Then two days later, I telephoned Wang again, and the tone was more joyful:

“Mr. Wang, I have been discussing with my clients for half a day these two days, hoping to reduce some reparations. The client said that if I gave him a better way to pay, he would find ways to reduce the compensation with their boss. I had a discussion with the company leaders, and we all felt that as partners, we should help out in times of difficulty. At last, we reduced the advance payment from 20% to 10%. The final payment will be made ten days before the arrival of the vessel. As a condition, the customer finally agreed to reduce the amount of the claim from $500 to $400!”

“Thank you so much! I couldn’t sleep for two days worrying about this. Less loss is a little bit!”

“It’s a real loss this time. Next time, we must pay attention to it. In addition, I consulted with the company’s leaders, the order was not profitable. As a long-term partner, we will help you to bear $400 with the intention of not making money. Nobody wants to see this happen. I can only do so much! I hope this matter can be settled smoothly as soon as possible.

“Great! I’ll go to your company in person in two days and apologize! In addition, next time you come to me, I would like to thank you very much! ” Thank you very much for the factory.

Finally, the factory deducted the payment according to the compensation of $1200. Since then, every time I go to the factory, I have been warmly entertained, and I also actively cooperate with the samples.

7. Let factories sign quality assurance certificates

In order to avoid the above quality situation, it is necessary to draft a formal quality assurance letter.

In order to deal with similar issues in the future, we should increase the bargaining chip and guarantee. It can also make the factory pay enough attention to the quality of your goods.

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