What are the pillars of China plywood quality management system? What is its concept?

What are the pillars of China plywood quality management system? What is its concept?

The idea of our quality management system is “continuous improvement”. There are four pillars supporting our quality management system: quality control, standardization, quality planning and continuous improvement.

The first stage is standard quality control: in order to minimize the differences of plywood products produced by various suppliers and ensure stable quality, we control the quality of raw materials, supplier qualification and production process.

In the second stage, we can better guarantee quality by standardizing production processes, improving workers’abilities and helping suppliers improve their quality management.

For standardization, pre-factory inspection, inspectors strictly follow the pre-factory inspection operation instructions.

Quality control inspectors for plywood products are well trained and have long-term experience. Plywood quality inspectors will visit the production workshop regularly and follow up the updating of plywood technology and quality in time.

In the third stage, we focus on built-in quality, which means preventing errors. Eliminate the risk of quality problems in advance through the pre-quality strategy planning. And regular process audits of major suppliers.

At present, our quality management has developed to the fourth stage, and the quality management work has been extended to plywood sites. Our commitment is to improve the problem-solving ability of the whole plywood use.

We work closely with each supplier. All our major quality standards are based on customer and communication. In addition, we adopt these standards and establish our own standards to meet the needs of the customer market. Our quality control standards conform to ISO and national standards.

We maintain monthly quality meetings with customers and suppliers to communicate quality feedback of plywood. Use long-term experience and expertise of partners to solve difficult problems.

Our main quality inspectors visit domestic advanced plywood factories twice a quarter to exchange experience and learn advanced quality management methods. Customers and suppliers will also visit the advanced plywood workshop to learn more about the market and quality changes and discuss quality issues. Especially when new plywood products are introduced.

Not only do we have quality inspectors’on-site evaluation of plywood products, but we also visit customers in plywood use sites, inspect plywood products and solve problems. We listen to customer feedback and work together to cope with difficult conditions, customers are very satisfied with this.

We have established a close relationship with our customers to ensure that we can obtain first-hand data on the use of plywood, so as to continuously improve our products. Our commitment increases the trust and loyalty of our customers.

Strict implementation of quality grading standards is the life of our plywood quality inspectors, we regard quality as the first essential. Everything can be sacrificed, but quality must not be sacrificed.

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