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What are the quality control points of dismountable panel furniture

What are the quality control points of dismountable panel furniture

Dismountable panel furniture is a kind of furniture mode favored by consumers who like to challenge themselves and pursue personalized furniture.

For consumers, it can not only increase the sense of participation in home design, but also adjust the use space of furniture according to demand.

For the factory, the removable panel furniture is convenient to transport and eliminates the door-to-door installation process.

1. Removable panel furniture

The special term of dismountable panel furniture in the furniture industry is KD panel furniture.

Disassembly is a concept relative to assembly.

The so-called dismountable furniture means that all parts of furniture products are disassembled and processed, packed into boxes, and equipped with installation drawings and hardware accessories.

After the customers buy the scattered plates home, they assemble them according to the assembly instructions.

This kind of removable furniture is suitable for customers with strong hands-on ability and certain assembly experience, so that customers can install quickly and well.

At the same time, the enclosed assembly instructions must be correct and easy to understand.

Compared with packaged furniture, KD furniture can select suitable materials according to the needs of installation location in terms of resource consumption, can use a simple and efficient furniture structure design system in manufacturing, can realize rapid assembly and disassembly in structural assembly, can freely combine in structural form, can make appropriate adjustment or expansion in function, and can reduce transportation cost and transportation difficulty in logistics. All these are the advantages of the development of removable furniture.

In addition, modern young consumers pursue individual freedom. The assembly of removable furniture can add their own personalized design, and bring satisfaction and achievement when the assembly is completed. This is a selling point to attract consumers.

Demountable panel furniture is popular with domestic and foreign consumers for its small packaging volume, good quality and low price, various styles, and low logistics cost.

However, because the parts are disassembled and processed, it is easy to produce structural problems of missing drilling holes and packing missing parts in the process of processing, thus affecting the assembly of consumers.

2. Common quality problems of removable panel furniture

Based on the author’s experience in quality control over the past 20 years, the common quality problems of removable panel furniture mainly include four points:

1: Due to the transfer of parts in the production process, there are too many scratches;

2: Structural problems of product assembly, such as missing drilling and grooving;

3: Missing parts, such as missing parts / hardware / instructions during packaging;

4: Product color difference.

Due to the disassembly and assembly of components, the production of different components is different due to the influence of the environment and the characteristics of chemical products when the products are painted, thus causing the problem of color difference after product assembly.

3. Quality control points of removable panel furniture

As the quality control personnel, the quality control of the plate shall be carried out throughout the production and processing process. From the warehousing of raw materials into the factory, to the production and processing of products, including equipment management, process control, quality inspection, to the packaging and delivery of the final products, every link is related to whether the final products can satisfy customers, and every detail must not be lost.

3.1 guarantee the quality of raw materials

The quality control department shall put forward clear requirements for the quality characteristics of raw materials, formulate a complete incoming inspection process, improve relevant inspection documents and record forms, and the inspectors shall record and keep them as required to ensure traceability of sources.

For chemical materials such as paint and glue, the supplier must be required to provide test reports on a regular basis. The company should also regularly take samples from the large goods provided by the supplier and send them to a third-party testing company for testing to ensure that the paint and glue meet the requirements of the customer.

3.2 make advance planning

In the advanced planning of APQP product quality, the production process flow shall be set first, the key processes shall be defined and the key control shall be implemented.

In addition, the frequency of patrol inspection and sampling inspection shall be clearly specified, and the inspection shall be carried out in strict accordance with the specified frequency. For key components, full inspection may even be required.

In addition to process technology, the state of machinery and equipment should also be monitored, especially the key machinery and equipment that have great impact on product quality or are prone to problems.

3.3 prevention of drilling error and leakage

A pain point of dismountable furniture is the wrong leakage of drilling and grooving, and the product has structural problems during installation. In view of such problems, it is necessary to strengthen the control in the manufacturing process.

For example, in the drilling process, we first require QC personnel and on-site cadres to confirm the first article.

During production, employees shall refer to the first sample for self inspection, and QC shall also refer to the first sample for inspection during patrol inspection and sampling inspection.

When the first product is produced in each shift, the staff will put the first sample on the machine and drill it again to see if the machine has run out of position. The production can be started after QC confirms that it is normal.

The grooving process can also be operated in this way.

3.4 supervise the circulation process

In order to solve the problem of product scratches, first of all, we need to promote the awareness of strengthening product protection among employees, requiring them to handle with care and stack face-to-face during production.

In addition, clean the workbench and the machine. You can clean the dust and impurities on the workbench and the machine with a gas pipe or an air gun.

If conditions permit, the factory can arrange the production line according to the process flow, and use the conveyor belt to replace the traditional manual transfer, so as to reduce the chance of scratches.

3.5 strictly control color difference

Product color difference is an important reason that affects customer satisfaction and is a quality problem that customers can feel intuitively.

To solve the problem of product color difference, we must first pay attention to the material processing. Only when the base material is unified can the products with consistent color be produced in the subsequent coloring stage.

In the paint stage, you can set a segmented color plate on the paint line. Each station on the production line operates strictly according to the segmented color plate. If the color of the product is different from that of the color plate, the production line shall be stopped in time.

Another detail is that color matching packaging is required when packaging and shipping.

For example, the upper and lower bucket panels of the file cabinet, the left and right door panels of the computer desk, and other components with obvious contrast must be packaged in pairs.

3.6 prevent packaging errors

Due to the large production and packaging volume of the factory and the complicated work, it is easy to miss accessories. To solve this problem, in addition to the care and patience of packaging personnel and inspection personnel, we can also use some small skills to effectively “prevent stupidity”.

Firstly, it is suggested to count the quantity of product accessories according to the order quantity or daily production task quantity.

For example, the task of today’s packaging line is to produce 1000 sets of file cabinets, so the material controller will first count all the materials of 1000 sets of file cabinets and hand them over to the packaging department. After the packaging is completed, you must see that all materials have been emptied, otherwise there will be missing parts.

In addition, an electronic scale can be placed on the packaging line to set an acceptable value. If it exceeds or is lower than the allowable value, the electronic station scale will give an alarm to remind that there is a problem in this box. QC personnel will take this box of products off the packaging line for unpacking inspection.

For hardware with light weight, electronic scale shall also be used to weigh and fix the number when packing hardware.

4. Summary

In recent years, although there has been a great upsurge in the whole decoration and customization, the detachable furniture, which integrates performance, beauty and personality, is still the type of furniture loved by young consumers.

With the rapid development of technology and equipment in the furniture industry, coupled with informatization and lean management, the existing problems of removable furniture can be further controlled and solved, and the products can be more recognized and favored by customers.

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