What are the storage requirements for LVL pedals

What are the storage requirements for LVL pedals?

What are the storage requirements for LVL pedals? LVL pedal is a kind of plate product with high strength and good stability. It has a wide range of applications. In order to ensure its quality, people also have high requirements for the storage of LVL pedal. For example, we should pay attention to moisture-proof, sun-proof, fire-proof, and reasonable stacking skills. While ensuring the quality and safety of LVL pedal, it is also convenient for the management and use of LVL pedal.

What are the storage requirements for LVL pedals?

1. LVL pedals should be moistureproof-proof. They should be placed in dry and ventilated places to avoid dampness. They should choose suitable storage places and not store outdoors to avoid the influence of rainwater. Although LVL pedals have stable performance, they are prone to affect the performance of plates if they are kept in a humid environment.

2. LVL pedal should avoid sunshine exposure. If it is exposed to sunshine all the time, it may lead to water loss in the board, which may cause the cracking of the board, and also slow down the aging of the board, so that the strength of LVL pedal is reduced and easy to be damaged.

3. Storage of LVL pedals should pay attention to fire prevention. Fire protection facilities should be prepared in warehouse. Although LVL pedals have certain fire resistance, if there is a fire, the appearance and quality of LVL pedals will be affected, which will affect the sales and use of plates.

4. When LVL pedals are stored, they should not be placed directly on the ground, but should be stacked on the flat ground, and the reasonable height should be determined to ensure the storage safety of LVL pedals. The storage of LVL pedals should be neat and orderly, so as to facilitate management and use.

In short, people should pay attention to the reasonable storage of LVL pedals, choose the appropriate storage environment and place, and pay attention to the reasonable stacking and management of LVL pedals, so as to create good conditions for the storage of LVL pedals.

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