What internal factors affect the quality of LVL forward plate

What internal factors affect the quality of LVL forward plate?

When we buy LVL forward board, we can not only rely on external appearance to choose, the internal quality of the board is also very important. Today, the staff of LVL forward board manufacturer come to have a good analysis with you. What internal factors affect the quality of the board?

LVL Forward Plate Manufacturer

First, the influence of plate processing technology. Wood bark adhering to the surface has to undergo two processes: cold pressing and hot pressing. It must undergo hot pressing in order to prevent the possibility of easy cracking.

Second, the thickness of LVL forward plate, generally speaking, the service life of the plate with higher thickness will be longer.

Third, the problem of formaldehyde content, LVL forward board is bonded by multi-layer wood using glue, the amount of glue used is relatively large, so in use, we must pay attention to the problem of formaldehyde content, if the use of high-quality glue, then the formaldehyde content of multi-layer board will not exceed the standard, the formaldehyde content specified by the general state is less than 40 mg/100g belongs to environmental protection products.

4. The water content of LVL parallel plate and the height of water content will directly affect the quality of the plate. Because too much water will cause the plate to be mildewed, and too low will cause the image of cracking and deformation. Therefore, only by controlling the water content within a certain range can the quality of the plate be guaranteed.

Above is the analysis of the influence of LVL forward plate manufacturers on the internal quality of LVL forward plate, hoping to be helpful to everyone!

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