What is HPL board, fire protection board

What is HPL board, fire protection board?

HPL board is abbreviated from the English word: Decorative High-pressure Laminate. Now it is commonly called “fire-proof board” in China. There are also some nicknames: fire-proof board, fire-retardant board, etc. Its scientific name is thermosetting resin impregnated paper high-pressure laminated board, which is a new type of refractory building material for surface decoration.

HPL Fireproof Board

Production process and advantages of HPL board:

It is made of decorative colored paper and kraft paper, which are dipped and dried separately, and then stacked in the way of decorative colored paper on top and kraft paper on bottom. The number of sheets of kraft paper depends on the thickness of the board required by the customer. Then they are placed under a high-temperature and high-pressure machine at 300 degrees Fahrenheit (about 150 degrees Celsius) and 1430 pounds per square inch. Pressure, continuous balanced pressure for an hour, then trimming, grinding, quality inspection and other steps to produce.

The produced sheets are abrasion-resistant, scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, acid-alkali-resistant, high temperature-resistant, flame-retardant, antifungal, mildew-proof, antistatic, easy to clean, processability and applicability are very strong, of course, it also needs good quality sheets to achieve.

HPL board classification

Basic specification and classification of HPL board:

The common thickness of HPL board is between 0.6mm and 1.5mm. Customers can specify it according to their own needs. It doesn’t matter if the required thickness exceeds 1.5mm. The thickness of HPL board under 25mm can be made by the same manufacturing process, but the thickness of 1.6mm to 25mm can be changed into one called anti-beta. There are nine different sizes of the plate surface. The detailed sizes are 1220 mm *1830 mm, 1220 mm *2440 mm, 1220 mm *3050 mm, 1220 mm *3660 mm, 1525 mm *1830 mm, 1525 mm *3050 mm, 1525 mm *3660 mm, 1600 mm *3050 mm and 1600 mm *3660 mm.

HPL board styles can be divided into many types, but there will be some differences between different manufacturers, the classification of fireproof board is:

1. Wood grain series fireproof board: In this classification, besides the common suede and glossy wood HPL, there are more than ten kinds of special surface treatment HPL. This kind of surface texture is more intense, with concave and convex lines. Wood grain series HPL board is luxurious and generous, durable for furniture ceiling and wall decoration.

2. Colour series fire-proof panels: like wood grain, besides suede and glossy surface, there are several kinds of HPL with special surface treatment. Pure HPL panels are simple, clean, anti-fouling and wear-resistant. They are suitable for decoration and veneer of restaurant, bar and background wall.

3, the essence of a series of fire-resistant boards: the essence of a series of many styles for the green is unique, the series are mainly cloth, stone, abstract texture, beautiful patterns, touch is very strong. Not limited to wood grain and pure color, but closer to art.

4. Metal series fire-proof board: not easy to wear and tear, with metallic luster, suitable for some high-end places.

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