What is the main purpose of customer inspection? Who is the inspection person?

What is the main purpose of customer inspection? Who is the inspection person?

What is the main test of customer inspection? Who is the person to test the factory? The factory inspection is also called factory audit, which is commonly called factory inspection. Many factories will face such a test as factory inspection, which is the necessary evaluation of the purchaser for the order manufacturing enterprises. Many factories don’t know when they first face factory inspection. When they hear that customers want to inspect factories, they will ask them what they want to inspect factories. Who is the person who inspects factories? Then Siyu Inspection Consultant Agency will introduce the contents of factory inspection to you, and what kinds of factory inspection can be divided into.

Why do we need to inspect the factory?

Inspection is also called factory audit, commonly known as factory inspection, a simple understanding is to inspect the factory. It is generally divided into human rights inspection factory (social responsibility inspection factory), quality inspection factory (quality technology inspection factory), anti-terrorism inspection factory (supply chain safety inspection factory) and so on. Many customers want suppliers to meet certain requirements in quality, social responsibility (human rights), anti-terrorism management system. Therefore, before placing an order, they will check the status of the factory themselves or entrust a third-party notary bank. After confirming that there are no big or serious problems in the factory, they can bring the factory into the list of qualified suppliers before placing an order and cooperating for a long time. That is to say, the factory is audited or evaluated according to certain standards. Enterprise “factory inspection” activities have been popularized in China’s export enterprises, accepting “factory inspection” by multinational companies and intermediaries.

For foreign businessmen, the main purpose of factory inspection is to protect their company’s brand image. Foreign businessmen are far away from China. If there are problems in the product or management of contracted factories, the solution will be very difficult. Therefore, in order to reduce these unnecessary troubles and optimize supply chain management, foreign businessmen will carry out factory inspection before purchasing, conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the contracted factories, and place orders after all aspects of the contracted factories are qualified. Through factory inspection, we can effectively supervise the labor and quality of contract factories, which is conducive to protecting and enhancing the value of corporate brand and avoiding the loss of corporate reputation. Moreover, developed countries such as Europe and the United States, through legal, administrative and investment and trade means, encourage transnational corporations to supervise foreign factories to comply with labor standards, and sanction factories that violate labor standards.

What are the main inspection items for visitors?

Guest factory inspection is generally divided into two kinds, according to the different personnel of the factory, it is divided into different contents, that is, who are the people we often ask to test the factory? The first kind is that customers come to inspect the factory, this is mainly to inspect the strength of the factory, to see the size of the factory, product quality, atmosphere, etc. The second kind is that professional laboratory organizations come to inspect the factory, which contains the content on the basis of. Specific types of factory inspections are determined. General contents of factory inspections are divided into three categories: human rights, quality and anti-terrorism. Different customers have different requirements. For example, Wal-Mart factory inspection, its main contents are as follows: 1. Factory Facilities and Environment; 2. Machine Calibration and Maintenance Machine Calibration and Maintenance; 3. Quality Management System Quality Management System; 4. Incoming Material Control incoming control; 5. Process and Production Control process and production control; 6. In-House Lab-Testing internal. Laboratory test; 7. Final inspection final test;

Inspection of factories is actually a good thing for the benefit of all parties. It is beneficial to society, factories, customers and employees.

Benefits of factory inspection:

The most direct advantage of passing the factory inspection is to get the order. This is the key condition of supplier management for European and American customers. Only through their factory inspection can they qualify as their suppliers. Only with the approval of international buyers, can the factory get more business opportunities with European and American customers. Generally speaking, if we fail to pass the factory inspection, there will be very serious consequences, that is, canceling signed orders, freezing existing large orders, even blacklisting and terminating cooperation. Therefore, if the factory wants to get more production orders, it must do well in the course of factory inspection. This is a solid foundation for the long-term development of Chinese manufacturing enterprises by steadily cooperating with international purchasers, broadening foreign markets.

The company’s brand image can be strengthened by gaining competitive advantage through factory inspection. In international trade, the situation of competition is very serious. Nowadays, multinational groups are facing the global selection of suppliers. In China alone, there are tens of thousands of factories eager to become suppliers of their commodities, which can be described as fierce competition. Only through its factory inspection can it qualify as a supplier. As a product manufacturer of international buyer, the factory must obey the customer’s factory inspection relationship, mobilize the production enthusiasm of employees, thereby improving productivity and profits.

Classification of inspection contents:

The human rights test mainly examines human rights, the protection and responsibility of factories for workers, and the responsibility for the environment. It mainly includes prohibiting the use of child labour, combating discrimination and oppression of workers, prohibiting the use of prison workers, freedom of association of workers, wage distribution, working hours and so on, which must meet the requirements of the International Labour Organization and China’s labor laws and regulations. Health, safety, fire protection and other requirements to ensure that the working environment of workers is conducive to escape, do not endanger health, etc. The environmental aspect mainly checks whether there are relevant documents to apply for according to the legal requirements and whether the environmental protection facilities are functioning normally.

Quality inspection requirements of each customer are also different. Take the quality management system of ISO 9001 as the basis and attach higher requirements, such as raw material inspection, process inspection, finished product inspection, risk assessment, etc. Production report, effective management of all kinds of goods, site 5S management and so on.

Anti-terrorism inspection is not very popular nowadays. It is mostly the requirement of American customers. The main purpose of anti-terrorism inspection factory is to prevent inflammable, explosive and dangerous goods from entering the finished packaging products, directly transporting them to the port, posing potential threats to the society and the public, etc. The main purpose of anti-terrorism inspection factory is to pass a set of safety control of the factory itself. Procedures to ensure the safety of transportation and use of export goods.

Human rights factory inspection is officially called social responsibility audit, social responsibility audit, social responsibility factory evaluation and so on. It is also divided into corporate social responsibility standard certification and customer standard auditing. The most factory inspections we have seen are those of corporate social responsibility (human rights).

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