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What is the prospect of PET wood-based panel material “breaking the wall” entering the household furniture industry?

What is the prospect of pet wood-based panel material “breaking the wall” entering the household furniture industry?

Guide: after several years of intensive research and promotion, pet flat film finally accumulated in 2019, unveiling its mysterious veil and entering the public’s view.

This year, a new surface material product, pet flat film, appeared at the major home furnishing exhibitions and building materials exhibitions. It not only “parachuted” to the major exhibitions, but even occupied position C in the booth. What is the origin of pet flat film?

In fact, we are familiar with the familiar pet gorgeous transformation. PET plastic and PET film are common materials in life. Academically, pet is a kind of polyethylene terephthalate plastic. Due to the highly symmetrical molecular structure, PET materials have many excellent properties, such as excellent optical properties, film formation and weather resistance, and are widely used in many fields. Pet flat film is a flat film made of PET material. It does not volatilize toxic and harmful gases during use. It is a safe and environmentally friendly new decorative material. Due to its outstanding electrical insulation performance, PET material has become a favorite in the field of electronic and electrical appliances, which is also the most widely used field of PET material at present, with the consumption accounting for 26% of the total consumption; Due to wear resistance and stability, pet also occupies a place in the automotive field; The properties of light weight and high strength coincide with the requirements of bottles. All kinds of packaging bottles can be produced with PET materials… Now, PET materials are coming from the empty, directly falling into the field of furniture. Can we give full play to our advantages and make achievements in the field of home building materials? Advantages of pet plate pet flat film can “break the wall” into the furniture market, and must have its reasonable value. Pet flat film has the characteristics of safety, environmental protection, rich styles and high cost performance. Safety and environmental protection plastics when it comes to plastics, some people may worry that plastics will produce toxic substances. This worry is not unreasonable. In the past, most plastics were PVC materials, and PVC contained chlorine elements. Vinyl chloride that was not fully polymerized in the production process may overflow and cause harm to human body. Like acrylic, pet is only composed of C, h and O elements.

Pet and PVC are highly similar in appearance, but they can be quickly distinguished as long as they are ignited: PVC contains chlorine element, and will produce irritating odor after combustion, while pet combustion will not release toxic gas, so it is a safe and environmentally friendly plastic. The harmonious and versatile color pet flat film has bright colors, small color difference and is not easy to fade. Whether used alone or in combination with other materials, it can create a harmonious and unified home environment.

No matter the pure white tone, which is fresh and elegant, or the pure black tone, which is low-key and noble, can be used as the main tone of indoor decoration. The pet flat film has a ready expression in these two tones. The simple and natural log style has always occupied a certain share in the home market. The integration of pet flat film decorative board and log has released the comfort of the mountain dwellers. Rock slab stone is a hot household building material in the market in recent years. Its strong and noble expression is the charm of attracting high-level consumers. The cool and cool colors of pet flat film can be naturally integrated into it, and can also offset some cold and hard. The various types of matte pet sheets are often called skin sensitive films and anti fingerprint films. They feel as soft as baby’s skin and are very suitable for use in the wardrobe. The bright PET plate has a smooth surface, giving people a bright and gorgeous feeling. The reflection of light can make the whole home environment fresh and bright. In addition to the common matte and bright models, more bold and innovative studios use pet felt materials to make furniture. They select and process renewable polyester materials to make pet felt materials, which are not only soft and durable, but also have excellent acoustic characteristics. Pet felt material reflects the concept of environmental protection and sustainability, and has become the landmark material of the studio. Cracking of new materials with high cost performance ratio is the most common problem in wood plate processing. Because of its material structure characteristics, pet flat film does not explode during processing, and the edge sealing never cracks. It has stable performance, wear resistance and scratch resistance, and is deeply loved by manufacturers.

In addition, the price of pet flat film is relatively low, mainly because the cost of the material itself is controllable and the production mode is moving towards industry 4.0. The thickness of pet in the market is mostly between 0.3 mm and 0.6 mm. The relatively thin thickness and the relatively friendly raw material price make the pet flat film not expensive. At the same time, thanks to its relatively thin thickness, the general pet is a coiled material, which greatly improves its pressing efficiency. Application of pet flat film the emergence of pet flat film in the market can be traced back to a few years ago. It may be because the technology is not mature enough, or because there are too few people in the market, so there has not been much waves before. After several years of intensive research and promotion, pet flat film finally accumulated in 2019, unveiling its mysterious veil and entering the public’s view. At present, pet flat film is commonly used on board furniture materials such as bathroom, cabinet, wardrobe and decoration veneer. Pet flat film is easy to decontaminate, and the film surface does not generate static electricity and is not easy to attach dust during wiping. Scratch resistant and wear-resistant, the film surface is not easy to leave traces. Even if it is often wiped, the surface color is not easy to change and fade. Moreover, the pet flat film is easy to form, and the door panel processed and formed with the pet flat film has a good three-dimensional feeling. The rapid rise of pet flat film is not without trace. Its style plasticity is a sharp tool to open the market door. Looking at the decoration styles of customized homes in recent years, there are no more than three or four kinds that are widely sought after. Whether it is the northern European minimalist style that has been popular in the past two years, the new Chinese style that has been rising strongly in recent years, or the light luxury style that has been in the limelight for a while, pet flat film can easily integrate into the scene and achieve mutual success. Now, pet flat film is emerging in the home building materials market. We will wait and see how consumers accept it in the future, how users feedback it, and whether its performance can be further improved!

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