What is the structure of LVL plywood

What is the structure of LVL plywood?

LVL parallel board has high hardness, is not easy to break and open, and can not blister for a long time, the board surface has good flatness; and its strength is high, endurance is big, stability is good, standard is accurate, than solid wood sawn wood in strength and endurance forward three times, and has the advantages of high environmental protection, waterproof, fire protection, anti-corrosion, insect prevention, non-fumigation and so on. So the application is also very extensive. Next, the LVL forward board manufacturer will introduce its structure.

LVL Forward Plate Manufacturer

1. LVL forward slab is a kind of structural material which is obtained from thick veneer by sizing, blanking and pressing. Nowadays, LVL forward plate has two main uses: structural and non-structural. The so-called structure refers to the use of buildings, bridges and other structures that need to withstand pressure and gravity. This kind of use is more common in foreign countries, because their unique values and pursuit of the concept of returning to nature make it develop very rapidly, leading other countries in technology and innovation.

2. The performance of LVL directional board is also very good. It can also be used in furniture, interior decoration, shelf and so on. This is also the so-called non-structural use.

LVL plywood can be used as multi-layer board for furniture, plywood for furniture, wood plywood for furniture, back board for cabinet, partition board for cabinet, plywood for special-shaped small door board, children’s furniture board, plywood for fitness equipment, multi-layer board for door and window, etc.

Under the same load intensity, LVL forward board can reduce the thickness of the sheet material at certain level, thus reducing the use of wood and packaging cost.

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