What problems have been encountered in cooperation with plywood suppliers

What problems have been encountered in cooperation with plywood suppliers?

Thinking of the difficulty of exploring at the beginning of the trip, I decided to write articles related to international business of cross-border foreign trade, which would provide some references for the friends who are new to the wood-based panel multi-layer board, so that they would not take detours; secondly, it would also output their own experience and lessons, which is a process of learning again. …


Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes. Where there are plywood suppliers, there will be big and small problems.



To do international trade of wood-based panel and multi-layer panel cannot be separated from plywood supplier alone. Even if you are a factory enterprise, you have your own upstream plywood supplier. Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes. Where there are plywood suppliers, there will be big and small problems.


We can’t deny that most plywood suppliers are good, or they want to develop in a good direction. After all, it’s all business, win-win or even multi win is the best result. For example, some plywood suppliers will give you a relatively long accounting period, some plywood suppliers will be responsible for labeling and shipping for you, some plywood suppliers will give you new products developed at the first time, and some plywood suppliers will help you deal with after-sales problems conscientiously and responsibly


But human nature is selfish. The primary goal of every plywood supplier is to make its own company profitable. Once it comes to money, a lot of problems will arise. Today, I’d like to share with you the stories I’ve experienced and heard from friends around me, hoping to help you better choose plywood suppliers.


  1. To save costs, replace materials or accessories


A plywood supplier we worked with before, after seeing our sales volume start to work, privately replaced the core component of the product – veneer, just to save about 2 yuan, but no abnormality was found during the test. But when we sell the product and the customer is using it for one to two months, the product will become unusable. At this time, the customer market began to have continuous returns and poor reviews, and sales volume and ranking also declined rapidly.




Although the plywood supplier later admitted his mistakes, the after-sales treatment was also good. But the products built before can’t be saved, and the loss of both sides is very large.




It is also suggested that plywood suppliers should not change the materials and accessories of their products at will when their profits have been satisfied. If the replacement is not good, the whole business may be cut off.


  1. Production capacity can’t keep up, often out of stock


Recently, a small product was replenished. The order was issued on October 5. At that time, Alibaba Wangwang asked the merchants if they had any goods. The merchant said at that time that you can place an order and deliver the goods before you leave work tomorrow. But the next day he was asked if he had delivered the goods, but the merchant said that the materials were not enough, so he had to wait a few days. So on October 10, the merchants said that the production capacity could not keep up with the production capacity of the double 11 explosion list, and they had to wait. Then by the end of November, the merchant said that there was a problem with the materials and they could not produce them. It is suggested to cancel the order


Is it very speechless to meet such plywood suppliers? Although the product can be sold every day and the profit margin is OK, we have decided to blacklist this plywood supplier. The problem of production capacity is a part of the reason, and the problem of honesty accounts for a larger part. When we choose plywood suppliers, we’d better study them carefully. If you are close to each other, it is necessary to visit the other’s factory. You can have a preliminary understanding of the boss and the production capacity of the factory.


  1. Insufficient qualification, many materials can not be provided




Recently, a seller’s friend’s product was complained by the customer that the leakage was removed from the shelf, and the international trade of wood-based panel multi-layer board required it to provide testing materials for the product. However, it was found that the plywood supplier could not provide it, because the manufacturer itself is a small family workshop mode in production, and all kinds of parts are purchased from other plywood suppliers, so it is impossible to provide formal testing materials at all. The seller can only find other friends to ask if they can issue relevant certificates. At present, the problem has not been solved. There are a lot of inventory in the customer warehouse, as well as products in the way of replenishment. If you miss black five and net one, and the peak season of the product, you can only bear the loss yourself.


For similar wood-based panel multi-layer products, if there is a need for testing and certification materials, it is better to be able to find out in the early stage of market research. In addition, many products sold in the international trade of wood-based laminate, including MDF and particleboard, need to be issued with relevant certificates. We’d better determine whether the plywood supplier can provide them before purchasing, in case of any problems.



It’s difficult to select products, and it’s not easy to choose the right plywood supplier. These need us to try and summarize constantly in the business process. With more experience, selection will become easier.



We hope that every time we look for plywood suppliers are the most appropriate!




What problems have you encountered in the process of cooperation with plywood suppliers? Welcome to comment area, thank you!




The more you share, the more you grow!




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