What should we pay attention to when visiting plywood factories

What should we pay attention to when visiting plywood factories?

Inspection Notes: plywood supplier name:

Plywood supplier address:

Content: 1. Qualification evaluation:

1. Whether the equipment required for production is qualified.

2. Technical capability evaluation: whether the production can be carried out according to the technical / project requirements.

3. Ask for the copy and original of the plywood manufacturer’s corresponding qualification certificate to check whether they are complete. Qualification certificate, business license, laboratory testing ability certificate, quality management body, Department certification certificate, production license, organization code certificate of the people’s Republic of China

Take photos of all kinds of originals for record as the case may be during the inspection;

2、 Equipment condition:

1. Whether the plywood factory has the corresponding equipment, the list of equipment required to be provided, and how much processing volume needs to be outsourced.

2. Visit all kinds of equipment and instruments in the plywood laboratory to see if they are qualified for quality inspection.

3. Understand plywood quality management system, how to ensure plywood quality in production.

3、 Personnel:

1. How many managers? Handling ability

2. How many technicians? Professional technical operation specification

3. How many employees? Proficient in work

4. What is the mental outlook of the factory staff?

4、 Operation and delivery guarantee:

1. At present, whether the plywood production task is too heavy, too busy to ensure the supply cycle;

2. Check the plywood operation procedures and plywood process control measures on site;

3. Investigate its plywood customers,

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