What should we show our customers when they visit the plywood factory

What should we show our customers when they visit the plywood factory

One question is, what do plywood customers really care about? Many people say that our plywood factory is very large and the plywood industry is also very famous. So we should focus on displaying the company image, enterprise scale and so on. Do customers really care about this aspect? Have you tested the customer? What aspects do he pay more attention to!

I often tell plywood customers that our factory is not big enough to compete with the industry leaders. Will this affect your decision-making? The customer said that the size of your company has nothing to do with me. If I look at the size of your company, I won’t go to China to buy. As long as the quality of your plywood products is OK, I will place an order. Similarly, I will visit smaller factories than you. If their quality and price are right, I may choose them instead of you!

I have a friend. Their plywood company is very large. They are state-owned enterprises. They always emphasize to their customers how large our scale is and how large our output value is. They don’t care about it again and again. If they talk about it too much, they will say, “sorry, no matter how big your company is, its quality is not up to standard, and its price is too high, I won’t buy it!”! I will not pay for the scale of your company. I will buy products, unless you can let me know that your products really have advantages that others can’t do!

These two views can basically represent the real ideas of 80% of plywood customers!

Therefore, when the plywood customers come to the factory, whether you are a large company or a small company, the key display should be plywood products!

When customers come to the plywood factory, they will have a clear understanding of your scale. You can introduce a few words and say that a few data will be taken with you, but don’t take this as the key point, because if you say more, the customers will feel that this is preparing for the high price later, and many salesmen will add a few words, the large factory has good reputation, reliable quality and small workers There is no guarantee for the quality of the factory. You should know that the customer may also be a small factory. What would he think if you said that?

Plywood products, is the most concerned customers!

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