What’s the difference between man-made panels and lacquer-free panels?

What’s the difference between man-made panels and lacquer-free panels?

Many users used to call to consult eco-panels, often wondering about the name of eco-panels. A girl Liu called to ask what the difference between eco-panels and lacquer-free panels was. Why is eco-panels also called melamine decorative panels, which contain melamine, harmful to human health, and so on? Coherence problem. Eco-board is a new type of board which has emerged in the domestic market only in the past two years. But it has ended the market test for more than 30 years abroad. In a broad sense, eco-board refers to a new type of board which is made up of impregnated plastic film paper by hot pressing and laminated with the general situation of the board. It is distinguished from the traditional board which is cold pressed with the general situation of the laminated wood. Leather veneer preparation, because in the late process of building furniture brush-free paint, less harmful substances released, fighting ecological environmental protection, so with the concept of ecological board, because of its brush-free paint characteristics, also known as paint-free board. However, the broad sense of eco-board refers to the non-lacquer board which is overlaid on the carpenter board. After testing, the formaldehyde release is less than 1.5mg/L, that is, the non-lacquer board which meets the environmental protection standard of level E1 can be called the eco-board. It can be said that the eco-board is the non-lacquer board which meets the environmental protection standard.

The technical term of eco-panels should really be melamine impregnated plastic-film veneered wood-based panels, which can also be referred to as melamine veneered panels or triamine panels, and eco-panels with both sides facing are also commonly known as double panels. Really distinguish the fact of the eco-board The sign of the next stage is still the melamine facing paper pasted by the general situation. Let’s enjoy the eco-board facing. Because of the melamine business in the past few years, many consumers are confused when they hear the word “melamine”. In fact, melamine is only a decorative material. Melamine impregnated paper, film paper and veneer wood-based panels are the full name of melamine board, which is to put paper with different colors or textures into melamine resin adhesive. Adhesive soaked, and then dried to a certain degree of curing, it will be paved on carpenter board, multi-layer board, particleboard, medium density fiberboard or other hard fiberboard profiles, after hot pressing, is a melamine impregnated paper veneer wood-based panels is a widely used decorative materials.

Melamine impregnated paper and plastic film paper veneered wood-based panels (eco-panels), not afraid of fire and water, these panels are both shiny, very hard, not afraid of water and fire, important in furniture and cabinets. Eco-panels have the advantages of flat outline, not easy to deform, brilliant, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and moderate price. They are coated with imported PU and odorless. Environmental protection material, uniform structure. Strong durability, beautiful color, economic and environmental protection. With the illusion of the mind, it flashes the flame of abstract art and the space of creation. Attached with quality seal, it gives people a visual ending of integration. Melamine impregnated paper veneer wood-based panels of course have many chemical ingredients, but as long as the fair operation is a good decorative material, we should know that the reason why melamine harmful to human body in the past few years is because it is eaten by people, and now the eco-board is a decorative material, it will not enter the human body. So it will not affect human health. Today, after more than two years of market test, eco-panels have gradually been recognized by public consumers as indispensable building materials for home decoration, custom furniture and so on. With the continuous progress of people’s living comfort and comfortable home taste, there will be more and more suitable for people’s health, environmental protection, fashion and so on in the future. New materials for coherent demand.

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