Which factors determine the quality of the ecological board

Which factors determine the quality of the ecological board

Everyone knows that eco-board is a high-quality board which can not only improve the quality of home, but also ensure the environmental protection and health of home environment. So we all know the quality of eco-board.

I. Adhesives

Due to the use of glue in eco-panels, poor quality adhesives can lead to excessive formaldehyde emission. Therefore, the quality of the adhesive will directly affect the quality of the ecological board. order

The main adhesives in the former market are chemical adhesives. There are differences in their quality. Therefore, adhesives are also an important factor affecting the quality of eco-panels.


II. Structure

There are three kinds of eco-boards in the market at present. The first is the eco-boards made of medium fibre density board and laminated paper. The environmental protection coefficient of this kind of board is low, and the second one is the eco-boards made of medium fibre density board and laminated paper.

The second kind is the eco-board with Blockboard as the base material. Although the quality of the eco-board is better than the former, it will still be glued.

The occurrence of elephant; the third kind is the ecological board with adhesive paper on the solid wood board. This kind of ecological board requires high technology, and its stability and gluing degree are not the same.

Very good.

I. Appearance

Although ecological board can be used to make furniture, it is essentially a decorative board, so the decorative effect has become an important aspect of it. High-quality ecology

The surface of the board has no chromatic aberration, and its color is coordinated. When placed on the side of 45 degree angle, there are few or no dirty spots on the smooth surface of the board. in addition

The surface of the ecological board should be free of stains, scratches, indentations, bubbles and other phenomena. Of course, in addition to the above conditions, the texture and color of the eco-panels are also natural.

It’s the most important thing. After all, it’s better to look at it.

Eco-board paint-free, that is, a layer of impregnated adhesive paper on the wood surface, is also known as paint-free board.

The use of paint-free board can save the links of furniture paint, save a lot of labor costs, material costs and maintenance costs, and avoid the stimulating odor of paint to the human body.

Cancer substances. Lacquer-free panels are widely used in customized wardrobes, cabinets, bathroom cabinets, TV cabinets and shoe cabinets because of their clear surface texture and the ability to restore natural and original life.

Showcase, wine cabinet, partition, office furniture and so on.

Such a wide range of applications in daily life, determines its important position in home decoration building materials.

The factors affecting the quality of eco-board are that for consumers lacking relevant professional experience, choosing a brand-name and well-known eco-board manufacturer is also a good way to buy a good sheet.Which factors determine the quality of the ecological board,High quality ecological melamine board,plywood,Eco-friendly GreenT Hardwood Plywood,China Solid Color Melamine Faced Plywood

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