White Birch Plywood

White Birch Plywood

White Birch plywood   is one of the most versatile of woods with many uses in building and furniture making.

The grain figure of white birch plywood shows great variety ranging from very plain, inconspicuous growth to the strong figures and the very ornate curly birch. When well seasoned, birch does not warp, twist, split or swell. Its very hard surface makes the wood withstand much abuse in the way of mars, bruises, scratches and knocks without showing ill effects.


White Birch Plywood


3mm 4’x 8′ R/C
5.2mm 4’x 8′ R/C RLB
5.2mm 4’x 8′ R/C S/B
18mm 4’x 8′ R/C A/B
18mm 4’x 8′ R/C B/C
18mm 4’x 8′ R/C C/C
18mm 4’x 8’ R/C D-2
18mm 4’x 8’ R/C D/E

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