White Birhc Veneer simplified grading rules and Typical usage of grades combinations

Veneer simplified grading rules:

Grades Description
A Knots free. Without discoloration
B Size of sound knots not bigger than 15 mm. Black knots are not bigger than 6 mm. Light discoloration is acceptable on 5% surface.
C Black knots are not bigger than 40 mm. Sound discoloration is allowed.
D Knots and holes are allowed. Discoloration is acceptable.

Typical usage of grades combinations:

Grade A: Ideal material for lamination on plywood or Partical Board or MDF to get perfect appearance of the panels.

Mixture of grades AB: Excellent combination of face veneer for production high grade plywood and for lamination on other panel materials when back side of the panels could be with minor deviation of quality.

Mixture of grades ABC: Perfect combination for production any kind of fully birch plywood including high grades of plywood.
Grade A and B of this mixture could be used for face veneer. Grade C could be used for core or for lamination on smaller parts or for production of plywood glued parts.

Mixture of grades ABCD: Combination of all grades very often called Mill Run. Very good set of grades for production of fully birch plywood. Grades A and B will be used for faces. Grade C and D will be used as core veneer.

Mixture of grade CD: Good veneer for core plies of plywood. Most economical variant of supply.

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