Why Bleaching Poplar Veneer

Why Bleaching Poplar Veneer

Bleached poplar veneer is a popular type of veneer wood. Believe that many people do not know much about bleached poplar veneer, so today I would like to introduce the relevant knowledge of bleached poplar veneer.

Poplar is a fast-growing and High-yielding tree species. It has the characteristics of wide adaptability, long annual growth period and fast production speed. Poplar resources are abundant in southern and Northern China. Poplar fiber structure is loose and its material is relatively poor, so its application scope is limited. At present, it is mainly used as core board or floor of solid wood composite floor, short-cycle industrial raw material or road and river greening tree species.

Poplar bleaching, also known as decolorization, is a process of using chemicals to reduce wood color. So why bleach poplar veneer? Because wood contains pigments to make the surface appear color spots, uneven color distribution, uneven color quality, or with dark tones, shades are different, but also because of improper storage of wood, moisture and bacterial damage and discoloration, which will not only affect the beauty, but also reduce the quality of paint. At present, with the development of China’s wood products and furniture export industry and the production of a large number of high-grade wood products and furniture, transparent varnish is required to gradually become light color, which often leads to the uneven color of wood. This requires that all or dark parts of the white surface of wood products and furniture be bleached to remove pigments or change tones so as to make the surface of wood before painting. Uniform color is an important part of high-grade transparent finishing in light or natural colors.

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