Why wood flooring

Why wood flooring?

Compared with other floor paving materials, wood floor has the following advantages:

1) Warm in winter and cool in summer: due to the small thermal conductivity of wood, it has a good temperature regulating effect as a floor material. Especially in the cold winter, people who move indoors will not feel stiff feet, unlike the cold feeling when stepping on the tiles.

2) Beautiful and natural: wood is natural, and its tree ring texture often gives people a feeling of returning to nature and returning to simplicity. Both the texture and aesthetic feeling are unique, which is a quality that can not be achieved by artificial materials.

3) Durability: the seismic resistance and corrosion resistance of wood are no inferior to other building materials. Many of the previous wooden ships have been immersed in water for a long time, and they are still strong now, so is the wooden floor.

4) Environmental protection: it comes from natural wood. The material itself has no pollution source, so it has no harm to human body. Moreover, wood is the only material in all building materials that can be regenerated from nature. Therefore, its environmental protection is incomparable with other building materials. As long as the products are produced by regular manufacturers, there is no need to worry about the environmental performance.

5) It is not easy to condense: as the moisture absorption and humidity control performance of wood is better than that of metal, stone and concrete, so when the weather is wet or the temperature drops, there will be no “sweating” phenomenon like water droplets on the surface. In this way, when the wood floor is made of wood, the ground will not be slippery due to moisture,

Avoid slipping and falling, especially for the elderly and children.

6) Good foot feeling: the impact and resistance of wood and human body are softer and more natural than other building materials, and have good elasticity. People walking on it are very soft and comfortable in terms of temperature and touch, which also helps to protect the living safety of the elderly and children.

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