Wiremesh Anti-slip Plywood 

Wiremesh Anti-slip Plywood are widely used in  the high Building construction ,CAR BODYWORK & TRANSPORT industry .The anti-slip plywood is the waterproof wood-based panel, glued with high quality phenolic resins.  The plywood edges are protected with acryl paint, while both plywood planes are glued with phenolic foil. Anti-slip surface is embossed on one of the planes as grid imprint or hexagonal pattern.Wire mesh & chequered pattern imprinted during hot pressing process. During this process a Wire Mesh / Anti-Slip pattern is also applied.

When you buy the wiremsh antislip plywood , check the Weight, color, different patterns and, density of the panel, format, composition, construction, treatment, thickness and number of plies.

Because of its special applications ,normally used full birch and full hardwood ,very few to see poplar core wiremesh anti-slip film faced plywood .It has a lot of patterns ,such as hexagonal pattern ,HEXA, Sarkar Wire Mesh ,

The wear face has a rough wire mesh pattern (W); the reverse normally is smooth (F), although it can have wire mesh pattern, too (grade W/W).  Wire Mesh eucalyptus  Plywood rough wire mesh overlay withstands hardware and it can be used for many different floor-panelling purposes.

The wire mesh surface has high wear resistance and anti-slip properties, surface is weather- and water-proof, resists to commonly used chemicals. In addition, the product is environmentally friendly.

Vehicle floors, pedestrian bridges, storage and factory floors, storage shelves, loading platforms, ship decks, pier surfaces.

In general – applications where high wear resistance and/or good anti-slip properties are required.


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