Wood-based panels Hot Press Plates warpping Deformation

The main equipment for producing wood-based panels is the hot press. The main component of the hot press is the hot press. After a long period of use, the hot press will deform the hot press plate. The smoothness of hot-pressed panel is related to the whole set of wood-based panel production equipment. The main work process of correcting the deformation of hot-pressing plate is to accurately measure and find out the bending point of deformation. Deformation detection of hot-pressing plate, commonly used ruler measurement and lead-pressing line measurement

1) Straight ruler measurement method: the gap between concave and convex parts is measured by pressing a straight ruler on the hot-press plate. As usual, the straight ruler is 3m in length. It measures along the length and width of the hot-press plate, and records the measured data. The recorded data are analyzed to find out the deformation location and the deformation of the hot-press plate. This method is applicable to the measurement of large deformation of hot-pressed plate.

2) Lead line measurement method: This method is applicable to the case where the deformation of the hot-pressing plate is small and one hot-pressing plate in the upper and lower hot-pressing plate is flat. Firstly, the deformation of hot pressing plate is roughly positioned and inspected. Three lead wires of equal length are arranged in both sides and the center of the length target of hot pressing plate. Then the hot pressing machine presses the lead wires to deform under pressure, and the pressure is limited to the elastic deformation of hot pressing plate. After pressure relief, the thickness of lead wire is measured and the thickness curve of lead wire is drawn. According to the curve, the deformed position of the hot-pressing plate is found. Secondly, the deformed parts are accurately detected. For the width of the hot-pressing plate, one lead wire is arranged every 1 m. The length of the lead wire is slightly longer than that of the deformed part. The hot-press is pressurized to the deformed part of the lead wire. After the decompression, the thickness of the lead wire is detected, the curve is drawn and the deformed position is found. It needs to be detailed that when both upper and lower hot-pressing plates have deformation, it is difficult to determine the deformation according to the measured data. It should be operated in conjunction with the ruler measurement method to conduct a comprehensive analysis in an all-round way.

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