Wood based panels inspection Students more important than inspection papers

Wood based panels inspection Students more important than inspection papers

In the wood panels industry many buyers’s and seller’s bosses and inspection experts said that they are all facing the same problems ,many inspection managers and quality control managers would be expelled from the quality control profession if they do not teach the new employees quality control and inspection skills for six successive months .

Teaching New people in the wood panels industry is the main responsibility of QC and inspection managers . Yet in reality, it seems that many QC managers have forgotten that this is their role. Instead, they are busy doing QC reports , meeting different mills , writing QC papers, and traveling from one mill to another to have food or talking .

By stressing the job responsibility of QC managers is to teach new Inexperienced employees , their concern is expected to ensure that QC managers focus first and foremost on teaching Inexperienced employees.

However, to get QC managers back into Quality Control Production inspection Site , the regulation alone is far from enough. More measures are needed to get to the root of the problem.

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