Wood imports in Taiwan, China, are on the rise

Wood imports in Taiwan, China, are on the rise

The timber market in Taiwan region of China (hereinafter referred to as “Taiwan”) is gradually getting rid of the depression, and timber imports are increasing.

1. Logs

Malaysia is Taiwan’s largest supplier of logs from the point of view of the source country of imports. Although the supply has decreased from the previous year, tropical timber species such as Eucalyptus Salix are the main imported species. New Zealand ranks second, with Pinus radiata as the main tree species for the production of veneer laminated lumber (LVL) and plywood. The volume of log imported from Japan ranks third, mainly Cryptomeria fortunei. In addition, tropical timber was imported from Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea to make up for the shortage of Malaysian log supply.

2. Sawn timber

Canada is Taiwan’s largest supplier of sawn timber, with SPF, hemlock and Citi pine as the main suppliers. Sawn timber imports from Europe ranked second; sawn timber imports from Central and South America ranked third. The fourth to seventh importers of sawn timber were Pinus radiata in New Zealand, Eucalyptus Salix and other tropical timber species in Malaysia, Pinus Australia and the United States. In addition, Taiwan also imports a variety of coniferous and broad-leaved panels from Indochina Peninsula (Central South Peninsula), mainly for furniture and interior decoration, ranking eighth among the countries importing sawdust.

As a neighbor, Japan actively propagandizes Japanese-made timber to Taiwan, and has achieved initial results.

3. Plywood

Taiwan’s total imports of plywood have decreased. This is due to Taiwan’s sluggish economy, sluggish construction market and reduced demand for plywood.

Malay plywood imports plummeted due to the shortage of raw materials and soaring prices in Malaysia. Indonesia’s imports of plywood decreased slightly, but its market share was almost the same as Malaysia’s. In addition, Taiwan also imports birch plywood from Russia and Eucalyptus plywood from Vietnam.

The plywood imported from Taiwan includes LVL sheets, mainly from the mainland of China, mostly made from Populus alba and Pinus radiata. In addition, Taiwan also imports LVL sheets from Malaysia and Indonesia, which are produced from Pinus radiata and tropical timber.

4. Blockboard

Most of Taiwan’s joinery boards are imported from mainland China.

5. Veneer

The import of veneer increased. Due to Taiwan’s economic downturn, the demand for Blockboard has decreased, and the use of veneer has also decreased. Although production enterprises have shifted their production capacity to plywood production, the demand for LVL as a substitute for scarless corner materials has not changed, but has promoted the increase of veneer usage.

Mainland China exports veneer to Taiwan, mainly eucalyptus veneer and veneer veneer veneer (veneer), surpassing Malaysia as Taiwan’s largest veneer supplier for the first time. Taiwan mainly imports Eucalyptus Salix and tropical wood veneers from Malaysia, and Eucalyptus veneers from Vietnam. In addition, radiation pine veneers are mainly imported from New Zealand, Chile and Brazil to manufacture LVL sheets.

6. Wood Core Board

Taiwan’s imports of wood-core boards have declined, mainly due to the economic downturn and the slump in the construction and domestic demand markets. In order to mitigate the risk of price drop caused by oversupply, coreboard suppliers have to transform their production to plywood production.

Indonesia’s Malacca produces the largest imports of acacia. Next is Eucalyptus salicifolia from Malaysia.

7. Particleboard

Taiwan’s particleboard imports reached the highest record since statistics. Particleboard has the characteristics of cheap price and easy processing, but in the economic downturn, there is a reverse growth. As a substitute for plywood and fiberboard, the consumption of particleboard is expanding, reaching the highest level in history.

Thailand particleboard ranks first in Taiwan’s total imports. Next came Turkey, Italy, Romania, Austria, Canada and the mainland of China.

8. Fiberboard

Taiwan’s imports of fiberboard declined. The largest imports were from Thailand, followed by mainland China, Malaysia, New Zealand, Germany and Indonesia.

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