Wood molding line specification and processing

Wood molding line specification and processing

There are two main functions of wood lines: one is decoration, which is to cover the parts with poor visual effect with better processed lines. The second is the protection function, can effectively prevent the furniture panel surface scratch influence. What are the specifications and sizes of wood lines in home decoration?

Specifications and varieties of wood lines

1. In terms of material, it can be divided into: hard miscellaneous wood line, imported miscellaneous wood line, white wood line, white Yuan wood line and water bent willow

2. In terms of function, it includes: edge pressing line, column angle line, corner pressing line, wall angle line, wall waist line, upper durian line, covering line, edge sealing line, mirror frame line, etc.

3. It can be divided into: semicircle line, right angle line, diagonal line, nail line, etc.

4. In terms of style, it can be divided into external convex type, internal concave type, convex concave combination type, inlaid groove type, etc.

The specification of wood line refers to the maximum width and height. The common length of various wood lines is 2-5M.

Specification and size of wood line

1. The specification of batten is 30 * 50mm

It mainly refers to its length and width, which is generally used for hanging shed to make wooden keel, and some can also make some internal structures.

2. The size of wood line is 60 * 90cm

Such specifications are mostly the frame of old furniture.

3. 120 * 40MM

Such dimension can be called the side of the door, which is used to make the skeleton of the door.

4. The thickness of wooden skirting board is becoming thinner and thinner, which can be 5mm thick. It can be nailed on the wall, saving labor and materials.

The height of the wood line is generally in the range of 100-150 mm, with a length of several meters. It is mainly made of hard miscellaneous wood by mechanical processing.

The above is a brief introduction of wood line. In the production of wood line, the sanding process of line is one of the key points. There are some problems in artificial sanding, such as low efficiency, not careful sanding, uneven sanding and missing sanding. At present, professional line sanding machine is used to achieve fast and even line sanding, neither long nor short material is a problem.

Role of line sanding

1. Surface grinding

When the line sander is used to produce the product, the uneven surface of the product can be eliminated, so as to improve the quality of the product and prepare for the next processing.

2. The profile sanding material is used, and the groove part can be sanded in place.

3. With the combination of multi head, multi-function and various grinding materials, the fine sanding of various angles of the line can be completed at one time.

In the process of operating the line sander, what kind of problems will be caused by the improper distribution of grinding amount?

1. The grinding amount of coarse sand is too small

It will increase the burden of fine sand and fine sand, and increase the consumption of fine sand belt. At the same time, it can not make full use of the function of coarse sand, and the feeding speed will be reduced, which will affect the production efficiency.

2. Too much grinding in the front track or too little grinding in the back track

It will cause dense mode ripple. In fact, the transverse ripple of the front channel is not eliminated, while the back channel is generated at the same time. The two transverse ripples overlap and the surface finish is reduced.

It can be seen that the correct distribution of grinding amount can not only improve the quality of the plate surface, but also save the belt, reduce energy consumption and improve production efficiency. The above is the line sanding knowledge sharing brought by this household fair. Please continue to pay attention to more highlights.

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