Wood Panels (Sheets ) Standard Cores

Wood Panels (Sheets ) Standard Cores

Every application requires a certain core specification. Most popular species in veneer, combination, and engineered cores.

  • Veneer Cores are composed of multiple layers of softwood plies laid in opposing directions to create stability and strength. Veneer core panels offer the best screw-holding and strength properties, but will demonstrate more variation in flatness and the smoothness of the decorative veneers as well as greater thickness variation tolerance. The lower cost and strength of veneer core panels make them the ideal panel for cabinet boxes and interiors.
  • Combination Cores contain softwood plies for the inner plies and replace the outer plies with a layer of MDF. Combination cores offer the strength and screw-holding properties of a veneer core panel, but provide the flatness, stability, and smoothness of an engineered core panel. Combination cores are the most commonly used core option in finish-grade decorative plywood and higher-end paint grade plywood.
  • Engineered Cores are comprised solely of either MDF or Particleboard. While strength is reduced, engineered cores are the most consistent core, with near-perfect thickness tolerances and the highest level of stability, making them the ideal choice for door and panel applications that do not require substantial strength.
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