Wood plastic flooring

Wood plastic flooring is so widely used because of its excellent performance
Differences in wood and wood materials: plastic profile than wood materials to make the goods less, plastic profile extrusion die profile is stretching out of the special section. It can produce moulds of all shapes according to our needs, producing various shapes that fit in with the customer’s requirements and are profiles of any length. But all the length of wood is certain (the length is limited by the growth of trees), and all shapes must be processed with carpenters, and a kind of profile is made to lose a lot of wood.
Wood product can do free protection in the field, in the field of wood utilization process is basically a year to do a protection, and the composite field is not commodity demand per year, so the protection of capital goods is far lower than that of wood plastic composite wood products.
Wood product appearance stability, scale shape crack does not occur, not easy to crack, warpage, non wood scarring, twill, stains, spots and other enzyme shortcomings, can be repeated use and can recover by 100%, is biodegradable, does not contain any harmful ingredients, the protection of forest resources and ecological environment that is a kind of new environmental friendly materials in the new century.
By the use of wood, the use of long life, with the appearance of the wood and plastic products than high hardness, strong rigidity; resistant to strong acid and alkali, water resistance, corrosion resistance, and no bacterium, can not easily be moth, not long fungi, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, low water absorption, good flame retardancy, zero formaldehyde, no pollution, good anti enzyme sterilization, the normal use in outdoor environment available for more than 20 years, can be used in the indoor environment in the longer period.
The characteristics of water resistant anticorrosive wood flooring with wood wood texture and plastic, making it become the outdoor waterproof anti-corrosion materials, an excellent and very durable wood flooring, such as wood fence, wood chairs, garden or waterfront landscape; wood elements can also replace the ports and docks for use, but also can be used for instead of wood to produce a variety of packaging, pallets, storage pallets and other, be too numerous to enumerate is widely used.