Wood Veneer inspections Grading rules and QC checklists

Wood Veneer inspections Grading rules and QC checklists

1.ENGINEERED VENEER :Engineered Veneer (EV) , know as reconstituted veneer, recomposed veneer, man-made veneer, artificial veneer,  Check if they have consistency of colors and grains sheet to sheet to matching the surface of your qc checklists   .

2.Edgebanding Veneer:also called  finger-joint wood veneer, which uses natural wood veneer or engineered veneer as raw materials  ,you can find natural veneer edge banding, reconstituted veneer edge banding, UV pre-finished veneer edge banding, natural veneer profile wrapping, reconstituted profile wrapping veneer, UV pre-finished veneer profile wrapping.(1)Types of edgebanding veneer (2 )Types of profile wrapping veneer (3)

3.Woven Veneer:Woven Veneer is a kind of decorative hardwood veneers, the raw materials can be the natural wood veneer, engineered veneer, dyed veneers or bamboo veneers.  (1)Woven natural veneer) (Woven engineered veneer)

4.Paperback Veneer:Paper Back Veneer is kraft paper backed wood veneer, which uses the thin natural veneer or engineered wood veneer as the face layer veneers, and then laminated with the kraft paper as the back support layer. Veneer Matching: Book match, Herringbone match, Slip match, Center match, Balance match, Diamond match, Book&Butt match, Random match (Paper back natural veneer)(Paper back engineered veneer)

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