Wooden I-beam H20/H16/H14 scaffolding matching wooden beam

Wooden I-beam H20/H16/H14 scaffolding matching wooden beam


Tree species

Fir wood

Number of goods


Place of Origin




Water content

10 (%)

Apparent density

550 (g/m3)

Thermal conductivity


Flexural strength

46 (MPa)

Scope of use


Special functions

Not easy to split


Building exterior wall


Billion States


Customized according to customer requirements, H16/H20 (cm)

Is it a cross-border source of goods?


Length requirements

Any specification within 8 meters

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H 20/H 16 I-beam

I-Beam–Construction Wood LVL

Product Name: H20/H16 I-beam

Wood beam height: 200mm/160mm

Flange width: 80mm

Flange thickness: 40mm

Web thickness: 27mm/30mm

Wood beam length: less than 12 meters

Material: Pine (mainly Radial Pine of New Zealand), plywood web structure, good stability, high bearing capacity. Pass the highest OSHA standards.

Glue: waterproof phenolic glue

Surface: Spray yellow waterproof paint

End: Spray waterproof paint or red plastic wrap head or iron sleeve, etc.

Permissible bending modulus Q=(kNm)5.5 kNm

Weight per 1 metre extension: 5.0 KG

Features: High standardization, perennial turnover, low cost amortization cost, reasonable price positioning, wide use, environmental protection, good waterproof, fire prevention, insect prevention, no glue, cracking, no deformation, high bearing capacity, good toughness, strong impact resistance, waterproof paint can be sprayed on all sides, many times of use, boiling water. Can’t boil glue

A. Low cost, high stiffness and light weight

B. Strong versatility, in line with environmental protection E2 standard

C. The product parts of the system are highly standardized and reusable.

Usage: Suitable for indoor and outdoor structural parts and support. Architectural formwork, scaffolding, pedals

Installation method: I-beam adopts stainless steel connector or connecting screw.

Product characteristics:

1. High degree of standardization, strong versatility and fast construction speed.

2. High stiffness, light weight and strong bearing capacity.

3. Environmental protection, all renewable resources, low cost, good performance, reusable.

4. Field-based, easy to disassemble and assemble, flexible to use, easy to transport, assemble and disassemble operation, easy to fix, good nail grip.

Pine wood has good quality, good price, high strength, 100% gluing, corrosion resistance, no fumigation, no deformation.

The products passed the national inspection and Supervision Center for wood-based panels.

Long-term export to Middle East, Europe, America, India, South Africa and other countries and regions

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